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fire/smoke cleanup services....

hollywood-hills-fire-smoke-cleanupWater Damage Hollywood Hills knows that fire and smoke damage can be physically and emotionally devastating. Smoke odors penetrate the structure and contents, while layers of soot blanket everything within reach. The structure and contents often suffer further damage by the chemicals and water used to control and extinguish the fire. Personal items sometimes even suffer irreversible damage.

It is understandable that you and your family may be devastated from the events and concerned about what lies ahead. We assure you that we care, we can help, and that your family’s home will not be just another “restoration project.” Your best interests will be served, and we will carefully guide you through the process.

Depending on the severity of the fire, the restoration of your home and contents may require only a few days of detailed on-site cleaning. A more severe fire may necessitate several months of cleaning and repair to the structure as well as comprehensive contents restoration. Regardless of the severity, the IICRC-trained professionals at Water Damage Hollywood Hills will develop a specific restoration plan based on your needs.

We work with all insurance carriers to minimize property loss and provide peace-of-mind to the insured.

No fire or smoke problem is too big or too small for us!

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